Dr. Richard Fox for Congress

  • Libertarian Republican
  • Pro-Choice
  • Supporting Roe v. Wade
  • Embracing Diversity
  • Opposing Socialism
  • Revitalizing Healthcare

California Democrats promise “social justice” but give us social misery: highest cost of living; highest housing costs, highest healthcare costs, highest gas prices, highest state sales tax rate in the U.S., shocking electricity rates, blackouts, wildfires, homelessness, rampant crime, trashy, crumbling roads, doubling down on failed programs with more dumb, expensive, programs; only vision for America is turning it into the streets of San Francisco, Oakland, LA

California Democrats’ socialist programs kill jobs, opportunities, prosperity, hope, dreams, dignity, and self-respect for struggling Millennials and persons of color. Free enterprise, not more failed socialist programs, provides the way out for them and all others

Their solution to high cost of living in California is price and rent controls; never works, just more government regulation; the only real solution to high cost of living in California is deregulation, cutting taxes, always works.

Our local healthcare costs are 82% above national average because of over-regulation that stifles competition.

Democrats want government takeover of healthcare: give up your family’s private insurance to get government rationed healthcare, like waiting in line for your healthcare at the DMV, take a number; you pay huge new taxes for others’ free care.

The Only Real Solution Is A Consumer-Directed Health Plan With HSA/HRA Option For All; You Decide What You Want, Where You Want To Go, What You Want To Pay, No Networks; Stay Healthy And Keep The Savings, Cut Your Costs In Half.

School vouchers for all kids, let parents choose their kids’ schools, better results, costs less
Socialism sounds great-like Santa Claus, never works in reality, always takes your freedom.